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Table des Pions or the Fairy Rings (as it's affectionately known in Guernsey) at sunset

Table des Pions (the Fairy Rings)

For a long time I was one of the many people who think the local folklore from the 1700's, that the Fairy Rings was a site of ritual, witchcraft, elves and fairies (If you believe in them, of course!), was the closest explanation we had to the truth of the origins of this classic Guernsey landmark.

It turned out though that the explanation was much simpler. It is, in essence, a picnic table!


Up until the mid-1800's a parade called the Chevauchee took place every couple of years, to check the Chemain du Roi (Path of the Kings) was free for all the hoi polloi to travel about the island. It was on this inspection, while all the officials sat and ate their lunch in the luxury of a tent, the "Pions" had to eat their lunch at the circular dugout of the Table des Pions - or, as everyone knows it, the Fairy Rings!

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