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The "Petrified Forest" of Vazon Bay, Guernsey

The Petrified Forest of Vazon Bay

Geology. What a fascinating subject and it's no more fascinating than when the ancient, petrified forest of Vazon Bay reveals itself.


It's a fairly rare sight but under the right conditions (mostly after large storms), the root structures and peat remnents of this ancient land protrude from the sand.


The sea level around Guernsey has changed dramatically over time. 800,000 years ago it was likely to be 35 metres higher than now! As the sea level fell, Guernsey and the surrounding islands began to seperate from the continent.


There are folk stories of a land bridge between Jersey and France was finally destroyed in a vast storm in 709 AD. The same storm was also said to have separated Herm and Jethou and, of course, destroyed the forest. The remains can still be visible because the wood is waterlogged so does not decompose.

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